Lumbar sleep support
Lumbar sleep support
Lumbar sleep support
Lumbar sleep support
Lumbar sleep support
Lumbar sleep support
Lumbar sleep support

Lumbar sleep support

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Prevent Back Pain From Lying! 👉 Use This Multifunctional Backrest Pillow! 🛏️ 

This support pillow for your back is the number #1 back cushion in America (also for in the car). The back cushion has been used with great success for years for all types of back pain and has been recommended by thousands of physiotherapists for years to support the back at work, driving and at home.



If one or more of the following indications apply to you, Pain complaints in the neck, shoulder, or back area.
Prevention of the development of complaints, such as headaches and neck/back complaints.
To prevent a hollow back Ideal for people with intervertebral disc problems Ideal for people with a sedentary profession to provide optimal back support Ideal for people with an unstable spine Ideal for a hernia in the back


Product Features:

👉 Number # 1 Back cushion of the moment (also for the car)!
👉 Used with great success by millions of people worldwide! 
👉 Overload of the intervertebral disc and other back complaints can in particular be prevented and prevented by using this back cushion that has been developed to 👉 Support this load-reducing posture.
👉 The support cushion will guide the body to an anatomical natural sitting or lying position and prevents sagging to the more convex position.
👉 This will counteract the forces on the intervertebral disc, whereby (if necessary) the pain will disappear.


Product Benefits :

- Universal size.
- For an anatomical natural sitting or lying position. 
- Back cushion relieves pain and tension in the lower back.
- This pillow supports the loins and spine.  
- Extremely comfortable, luxurious, ergonomically sound and multifunctional Also ideal for use in the car.



Product Specification :

Use: Bedding
Use: Body
Thread Count: Other
Pattern Type: Solid
Filling: Buckwheat
Model Number: Waist
Shape: Other
Feature: Therapy
Fabric Count: Other
Part: Other
Weight: 0-0.5 kg
Set Type: No
Feature 1: Super softcover
Feature 2: Multifunctional
Feature 3: Breathability and moisture-wicking properties
Feature 4: Reduce night pressure
Feature 5: Prevent lumbar muscle strain
Washing instructions: Can be washed directly, support hand wash, machine wash Color: White + grey
Material: Polyester + buckwheat husk
Size: 54 * 34 * 6.5CM
Pillow height: 10.1-15cm


Package Contents:

1*Waist Pillow